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HTC One & Kit-Kat - Crossfade results in Brief Audio Dropout

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Poweramp v2.0.9-build-550 {registered}

HTC One 32GB, Android 4.4.2


With 'crossfade' enabled, there is a brief, but annoying, single dip in volume just after every new track begins playback.

Tried, without any success, your suggestions on buffer size, priority, & disabling 'beats' - in all combinations.

I could disable 'crossfade', but really like to use and enjoy this Poweramp facility.


However, during testing, I discovered that the problem disappears when 'Direct Volume Control' is disabled,

and although the sound quality deteriorates markedly, no other setting appears to cause the problem to reappear?

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Yep word for word I have this exact same problem with my HTC One.  Worth noting I'm using the Google Play Edition ROM - not sure if HTC's Sense ROM would be any different?


Same goes for me; buffer, priority and Beats all have no effect on the issue, but disabling DVC yields immediate results.  Unfortunately DVC disabled isn't really a great solution - as I use my own Tone settings (which don't work half as well without DVC).


Any chance of having this issue looked into please?  :)

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Yup seems to have fixed it!  Thanks Max!


Odd question though - I had to get build-552 from powerampapp.com and side load the apk.  Google Play is saying Poweramp v2.0.9-build-550 is the most up to date version.  Not quite sure why the mismatch?

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