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viper4android in Poweramp

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I am using Poweramp from years and satisfied.


But recently I used viper4android music plug-in. It's just awesome.


Generally android users use FX music plug-in in Poweramp.  It's just a little improvement in music enjoyment.


But after listening with viper4android combination, FX is nothing and no need to talk about it.


So, please add the viper4android features in Poweramp.


The developers of viper4android are willing and open to join with companies to support their app.


If you wish, you please contact them and add the features of viper4android as built-in with Poweramp.


Once you just listen the music with combination of viper4android, then you feel the Sony is also nothing when compared to this.


Plz..plz..plz...think about it.


This is the link of the site.  http://vipersaudio.com/blog/?page_id=11

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