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Manipulating the Queue?

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In the syncing app I'm developing, I'd like to give the user the option to enqueue a playlist - either replace the queue contents or add to the queue. I saw previous discussions regarding playlist creation and manipulation, so I wanted to make sure I can do this before attempting to develop this functionality. Can I programmatically delete queue entries and insert into the queue?


Here's the primary reason for this: I have various playlists that use ratings and last played, and I combine these lists to simulate a "radio station" of sorts. Higher rated songs play more frequently and songs only repeat based on some last played criteria. As it stands, I have to manually clean the queue and insert the contents of my "Rock Station" playlist into the queue via the Poweramp UI. I rarely select music to play, I just run off the queue all the time, so I have to do this after every sync.


As for the playlists themselves, I just put M3U and PLS in place so any player can pick them up. 

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I have the same question.

Is it possible to read out the current queue (which is the next song to be played (by ID would be ok))?


And Is it possible to manipulate the queue (remove song, add songs at a certain position (also by id))?


Edit: To be more precise:

I don't mean the "queue", which is displayed in the library. I mean if I play e.g. all Songs of a certain genre with shuffle enabled, I want to know, which Song will be played, when I hit the "next" button. Is this possible? Or is this calculated dynamically?



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