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What are Poweramp Intents for Tasker?

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I have been searching high and low for an awnser I could understand for this question with no luck.


What are the intents I can use to make Tasker control Poweramp?


For all my searching around I know Poweramp has an API and can recieve commands from other apps but I'm to dumb to understand any of that code I've found on the API forum. Using Tasker's "Send Intent" task I have tried to use the following to get Tasker to control Poweramp:


  • com.maxmpz.Poweramp.player.<action - either play, toggle_play_pause, stop, next, shuffle, repeat, etc>
  • com.maxmpz.Poweramp.player.PowerampAPI.<action...>
  • com.maxmpz.Poweramp.player.PowerampAPI.COMMAND.<action...>
  • com.maxmpz.Poweramp.player.PowerampAPI.Commands.<action...>
  • com.maxmpz.Poweramp.player.action.intent.PowerampAPI.<COMMAND and Commands>.<action>
  • com.maxmpz.Poweramp.player.PowerampAPI.action.intent.<COMMAND and Commands>.<action>
  • com.maxmpz.Poweramp.<action...>
  • com.maxmpz.Poweramp.action.<action...>
  • com.maxmpz.Poweramp.intent.<action...>
  • com.maxmpz.Poweramp.action.intent.<action...>
  • etc...

As an example I use PocketCast for my podcast listening and with Tasker's "Send Intent" task I have: "au.com.shiftyjelly.pocketcasts.action.PLAY" in the action field and when the task is run it will start play on PocketCast.


Like I said I'm kind of dumb when it comes to this kind of thing, any help would be great to get this cleared up! Thanks in advance!


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