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"Too many failed files"


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Whilst very pleased with Poweramp I have a problem with getting the Error Message "Too many failed files, playing will stop now" on a proportion of the music I have transferred. It only seems to occur on albums that have a collection of artists but not on all such albums. It is not that the albums are obscure as the track information and in most cases album art is there. Is it an unredeemable problem with the encoded information or is there something I can do in the transfer process. I have a Dell Streak and am transferring as WMA files from my Dell Lap Top after copying CD onto Lap Top.


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Great App!

However, I have been experiencing the same problem recently.

For unrelated reasons Verizon "wiped" phone and reloaded OS,on HTC Incredible. About 1 week later I downloaded Poweramp which was previously installed prior to wipe. All music is on SD card as was previously. Since new install (yesterday 1/18) two error messages show "Failed to Play File", "Too many failed files". Files have multiple artists and albums.

Is there a source available that explains the settings and options in more detail such as the difference/benefits between Folders or Library? or more info on "Scanning" and perhaps suggestions or consequences of different settings?

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