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Playlist Synching with Media Monkey

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I'm synching my music using Media Monkey. Due to unreliability synching through USB I just pull my SD card and synch to that - it's faster anyway. Songs synch fine and Poweramp picks up the new songs in a rescan. However, even though I see MM synching the playlists and they are on the SD card, they don't show up in Poweramp unless you do an Import System Playlists. So the "system" is finding the playlists just fine. Problem with that is each time I do that, instead of overwriting the existing playlists it creates a duplicate set (with 1... added to the playlist name.)

Any ideas how to better synch playlists?



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I have the same problem but my card remains in the phone.  I sync MM with the phone just fine, and the new playlist I added is there in the folder named playlist, but media monkey does not add it to the list by rescanning - no even full rescan works.  So I have to import all all of the playlists which creates duplicates that I then have to remove.  Man, can someone shed some light on this problem?

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Have you asked the Media Monkey support people? Poweramp's own playlists should work fine in Poweramp, and also M3U or CUE files you build yourself, but there's no guarantee that any particular third-party playlist will work (does it even use the same directory path structure for example?). You could upload one of Media Monkey's playlist files here if you want someone to comment on it.


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