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Trouble with stereo/mono features


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I have been enjoying the app thoroughly for a while, but something strange has happened and I have tried a lot of things to fix it. (including buying new earphones, trying the headphones of others, trying all sorts of devices - however only my phone using earphones, not headphones, sustains this problem). It is possibly not a problem with Poweramp, but I still hope somebody knows what's happening.


All my music sounds terrible, suddenly, as of recent. I bought new earbuds, but the problem persists. It's as if I was using laptop speakers in an empty bath tub. What's strange is that sound returns if I use headphones instead of earbuds, but also I know this is not an issue of hardware quality because the sound ALSO becomes fine again if I switch away from mono and just use the left or right ear. This does not make it go into my left ear alone, but makes me hear only the left side. I cannot put it into mono without it sounding much worse.


Does anyone know exactly how the mono/stereo thing works so I can just get it back to as it was, a week into getting Poweramp? I've never had this before and I just want to enjoy my music in full. :(

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Just for the TL;DR

- music sounds shitty now
- music sounds okay if I turn the balance to one side or the other (but I can only hear that one side)
- mono makes it sound worse
- earphones are fine in other things
- headphones work fine but my shitty ears and glasses mean they hurt pretty fast 

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