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Send to WiFi?


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it's possible to add a function allowing to send files not only to Bluetooth but to WiFi or to a URL?

I can't understand that it's simple transferring files via Bluetooth to another smart-phone but not to my own  netwerk.



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As this is more of a file transfer task than an audio playback one


It's true but I want to sync my favourite songs directly with that ones on my computer in order to have the songs in the favourite folders.

why not use a proper file explorer app? (I use ES File Explorer, which handle Bluetooth and LAN/SMB file transfers fine).


Exactly that idea I had, too and tried it with ES explorer and the action failed because it said that it couldn't find the device and "please choose a device"

From the ES explorer itself I have access to all my shared folders and files on my computer and to my nas but I can't do it from Poweramp.

Is there a trick?

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