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Gapless AAC Support BEYOND itunes

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Perhaps this isn't exactly a bug per say, but it is an annoying issue regardless.


I read where when it comes to AAC playback, Poweramp rely on the itunes mp4 atoms tags, and Poweramp is incapable of gapless playback of raw aac streams with the id3 v2 tag. HOWEVER, Poweramp seems incapable of playing Nero AAC encoder files (with the aforementioned atom tagging done by itunes itself >:{ 


The NeroAAC encoder is used by many programs for encoding and in some cases playback, and it is quite upsetting that if we want proper playback of aac we have to resort to fully re-encoding and tagging in itunes when the user base most certainly use programs like foobar2000, and such for management (and want nothing to do with the ones who stole their name from nature)

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