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Show Current Values of Each Equalizer Slider

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I have one simple feature request.


Currently, the equalizer sliders no not show numerically what value each slider is set at.  I have to infer it by comparing sliders relative to each other, or check by counting how many taps I need to go back to +/- 0 dB.


It would be a lot easier to tweak my equalizer settings if the Equalizer UI would display the current numeric value of each slider, ie +7.0dB, -4.0dB.


Below is a screenshot of the Equalizer app, showing what I mean.  Note how each slider has it's current value shown at the bottom.

If this could be added to the UI, that would be great!


Possible spots to show the number on the UI include: on top or below each slider, on the slider buttons themselves, in the horizontal slider scroll bar where the current eq-level wave pattern is shown (could ghost/transparent the wave).







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I revive this topic because I think fine tuning is needed. I know I can go up or down 10% by tapping above or below a slider, but I need tuning with 1db precision, and having a numeric reference (or even better, input) would be perfect. If it can't be done how can I do it with other apps? (I don't really want to do that) Thanks

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Do you know what is the maximum value in dB for the sliders? Or do you know the value for each step of the sliders?

I'm trying to use the presets from the AutoEq project which aim to correct the frequency response of a given set of headphones starting from frequency response measurements. (https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/AutoEq) An amazing project by the way!

Essentially I need to enter a specific value in dB for each slider using the 10 band presets by AutoEq.

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40 minutes ago, christopher_a_johnson said:

a review that said it was the top Android music player for audiophiles. Apparently it was not a thorough review

If you really and truly want high fidelity, you don't invest so much in the app, but rather in headphones. Then you disable any equalizer and tone settings completely and listen to the music as it is. And that's it, no need to worry about equalizer settings.

That said, of course it would be nice to know how much you have to move the slider to correct some not-so-perfect frequency response curve of some not-so-expensive headphones or pc speakers.

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5 minutes ago, blaubär said:


Thats a load of crap reason to not do it...exact values wont give much not always exact...as opposed to just litterly  guessing or eyeballing it??!

U set a set db value when u move the slider, it is then saved as part of the EQ config....it make no difference how that value is treated on the backend....it is still set to that base number, to witch when a user needs to re-set their settings from scratch, really could use. Especially if their device is on the soon to be Released Android Q, as you can not import or export the apps settings.

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3 minutes ago, speedingcheetah said:

Thats a load of crap reason to not do it...exact values wont give much not always exact...as opposed to just litterly  guessing or eyeballing it??!

I too would like to see the values. I think what Max may have meant was the limiter - when it is activated it dynamically changes the volume ( basically a compressor from above with a short attack time ).


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I think Max meant that pushing the slider right to the top might not always mean an exact dB value, the value (and all other sliders by the same percentage presumably?) might get limited/capped due to level limits.

But yes, if the settings file contains a specific number then it would make sense to have that same number shown while you are moving the slider.


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