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Poweramp deletes imported playlists after one use

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I have playlists set up on my home computer via media monkey.  I export them as .m3u files, and import them into Poweramp (I have tried this both via the Rescan option and the Import Playlist option).  Poweramp finds the .m3u files fine and imports the playlists correctly.


However, once I have played the playlist on my phone, Poweramp seems to be deleting the .m3u file and losing the playlist.  It no longer shows up in Poweramp as a playlist.


How do I import playlists permanently so they don't delete after one use?


Phone = Galaxy S3

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I just recently had this problem as well.


I can sync the playlists using MusicBee. The files are there on the SD card. After I dismount the device and Android remounts the SD card, I go into Poweramp and there are no playlists there. Go to view in the file explorer, and they are all gone from the SD card.


Edit: looking throught the log files, it seemt he only Poweramp messages about calling an unsupported function



SQLiteDatabase.beginTransactionNonExclusive (from scanner.l1ll)


It also seems that MediaScanner is saying the playlists are empty and deleting them. Now, as to why it's deleting them, that makes no sense. I do have .flac files, which perhaps 2.3 is deleting because it doesn't consider them valid. But I also have ones without flacs that are getting deleted as well.


Edit 2: I uninstalled Poweramp, and the playlists are still being deleted. In fact, I uninstalled every media player except the default music app in 2.3.7, and they are still being deleted. And the media scanner isn't scanning the music folder, either. So something in Google's framework has changed recently to cause a problem.

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So, I finished some debugging of at least my issue.


Something must have been updated with the Google Play Services to change the media scanner. Up until a little bit ago, my setup worked fine. Now, playlists are getting deleted for being "empty". I had a .nomedia file in my music folder to prevent the album art from getting sucked in. This worked until recently. It was seeing no music in media scanner, so it was deleting the playlists. Putting a .nomedia in my playlist folder worked correctly to have them left alone (.no_media didn't work).


Getting rid of the .nomedia files altogether sort of worked. The first scan removed the playlists (before it had a chance to scan the music folder). This seems odd, as why would it scan for playlists first? Anyway, doing another sync left the playlists along this time.


Solution for me: problem with mediscanner deleting lists, as well as out of order scanning. No problem for me in Poweramp.

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