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Facility that would enable the user to choose max' or min' time values


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How about it?......the ability to choose a maximum or minimum time value or both for tracks you wish Poweramp to play. 


When Poweramp scans my phone and sd card it finds around  eight thousand tracks, most of which are music but there are a whole load of other sounds there too that I don't want in my list for example notification sounds, satnav sounds, ringtones etc.

  Wouldn't it be great if you could just tell it not to play any file shorter than say twenty seconds?....that would cut out all those annoying rings and pings that spoil the listening experience,.....or maybe over ten minutes and then a random playback would remain dynamic and fresh and not get bogged down with one mood..


just an idea  :)



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As I said in another thread, for the short ones (notifications, ringtones, etc) just deselect those folders from your Poweramp 'Music Folders' list so they are never scanned and never show up in Poweramp.

That doesn't help so much with the longer files of course, and a way to remove any audio tracks over a certain length from random play mode would indeed be useful (in my case to stop podcasts and 30-60 minute radio shows popping up during random music play).


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