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wakelock problem on sony Xperia ZL 4.3 update

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hi, i experienced strange Suspend_backoff wakelock after using Poweramp with a2dp (sony smartheadset mw-1),

i already tried disabling all bluetooth Headset option but seems no luck, the wakelock is still there after i listening using Poweramp.

this issues doesnt appear when i listen music with built in walkman app strangely.

 anyway i'm using xperia ZL and running on stock sony 4.3 JB rom

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Poweramp temporarily enables some wakelocks: there is optional one for playing (optional, because there is also system level wakelocks), and when file scanner runs. The optional playing service wakelock is only required for some (bugged) ROMs with wakelock removed from system audio subsystem.


This system audio subsystem wakelock is absolutely required as Android audio needs cpu to fill hardware audio buffers (and do the decoding in player app, like Poweramp). Device still can partially sleep and go to very deep sleep states between buffer fills. But that system level wakelock is still there. Why it's present for AudioTrack API and is not present for system media player - mostly because in system media player it's not visible to usual tools (not java API layer wakelock).



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max, thx for ur response, but what i experienced here is my phone cant go to deep sleep after i using a2dp on Poweramp, not when i listening with a2dp.

the problem started when i finished listening music with a2dp (disconnect my mw1 frm my phone), suspend_backoff wakelock kicked off and and that wakelock keep my phone awake and draining my battery.


i already understand what u mean by that wakelock when i listening music, but this suspend_backoff wakelock appear when i finished listening music with Poweramp (a2dp only not wired) and start draining my battery until i plug in my phone to charger or restart the phone.


maybe u can help me to find out what is causing that wakelock appear after i finished listening with Poweramp a2dp?


i love Poweramp and i feel walkman soundquality really sucks, so it would be helped me by much if you can solve this




Edit: max, is that any similarities with between Poweramp's a2dp connection and google play music's a2dp connection? bcoz i read on sony forum another ppl is havin some issues with me if listening with google play music. thank you, sorry for my bad english anyway

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We don't keep any wakelocks (even if optional wakelock is enabled) after Playback pause, "suspend_backoff" is not held by Poweramp, so this is out of scope of Poweramp app. It seems like BT subsystem/driver issue.


Regarding stock player component vs Poweramp a2dp connections, it depends on Android version (almost each major Android release has a bit or completely implementation of BT stack, and some OEMs have it different in their ROMs as well), so it's hard to say, but Poweramp uses AudioTrack java API to play its audiobuffers, while stock media player plays via native level API.

Still, that AudioTrack API ends using that final native level API, so from BT point of view there is little difference.



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@tetzu, I hope you're still reading this thread because I'm having the same problem as you. I'm using Xperia ZR though with the latest .101 firmware.
My usage pattern is like this:
1. I have a BT music receiver in my car to stream music from my phone to the car stereo
2. I use a NFC tag to automatic the process to turn on BT of my phone which then pair with the music receiver automatically (with Trigger and Tasker together)
3. I also use Poweramp to play music from my phone
4. Screen is switched off during music playback
5. When I power off my car, the music receiver is off too automatically
6. When Tasker detects the BT connection is lost, it turns off BT automatically
This is when the suspend_backoff wakelock starts to appear.
I'm now in the process trying to find out if any of the above factors (or combination of them) triggers the wakelock. So far, it seems screen off and/or turning off BT disgracefully like this is related to the wakelock.

If possible, can you also tell me how you use your BT? Maybe there's something similar.

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