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Library scan doesn't work and temporarily breaks SD card

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I am running the paid version of Poweramp 2.0.9 on Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.1.2.



I used Poweramp for nearly a year, until one day I noticed that an artist I normally listen to had an album missing, and then I noticed that thousands of tracks that have been working for months are now "unknown artist" and have no other metadata other than title.


I tried rescanning, restarting, reinstalling, and everything else. The problem has only gotten worse. Instead of a few random albums, now nearly everything contained on my SD card shows up as unknown. At first only things in deeper folders wouldn't work (like extsdcard/Artist/Album/song.mp3 wouldn't work, but extsdcard/Album/song.mp3 would) and the more I tried the fix it the worse it would get. Now, I'm pretty sure everything on the SD card doesn't work.


I tried using a tag-fixing app. It initially cut the number of unknown tracks in half, but after rescanning again, it went up to almost my full SD card, and I've been unable to reach a low number again. After this, all tags work fine on other music players, including the stock players which previously had horrible problems with metadata which caused my to switch to Poweramp in the first place. Interestingly, Poweramp itself doesn't seem to have a problem reading the tags. If I long press a song and go to edit the tags, everything shows up fine, and if I go and save, the track works completely fine and has all tags and album art working again. I would have to go through thousands of tracks one by one to get it all working and it stops functioning again after a rescan so this is not a legitimate solution, but it shows that my tags are compatible with Poweramp (combined with the fact that they worked fine for many months with no change).


Attempts to do a full rescan now result in the SD card showing 0.00B/0.00B on everything, and all files stop working in any app until I either restart my phone or unmount/mount my SD card. All other apps, including other music players that have their own library independent of the built-in Android one, work fine, and I have absolutely zero problems with my SD card until I try to scan in Poweramp.



I have no idea what could be causing this, and any help would be greatly appreciated. I really dislike all other music players I've tried compared to Poweramp and I really want to continue using Poweramp if I can make it properly display my music and not interfere with my entire phone.



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