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Sorting by title numer doesn't work

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I'm trying to sort certain playlists after the title number, but any time I do that it sorts by the song title. I've of course specified all the title numbers, but it doesn't say "title number" in the tags but "title", the same as for the song title. I think this is where the problem starts. So, if I sort after title or title number it sorts after the song title.

I've tried this with multiple playlists and it's always the same error. I hope you can fix this soon or tell me how to fix it if there's already a solution out there. I couldn't find anything on my own unfortunately.


Poweramp: 2.0.9-build-541-arm-play (full version)

Device: LG Google Nexus 4

Android: 4.2.2

Cyanogenmod: 10.1.3 stable Version


Kind Regards

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