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Hi can anyone help me, my scan was set to scan every file and folder, I have no idea why my settings changed but I deleted a number of items I knew weren't songs what I didnt realise was that they were videos with sound that I was deleting and now I have lost them altogether from gallery and video player, they are extremely important to me, for sentimental reasons, is there anyway I can get them back. Please any help is appreciated.

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Not easily, Android does not have a standard Recycle bin for deleted files.

If your videos were on an SD card, remove it from your phone immediately and do not write anything else to it, and it might be possible to use a data recovery tool on it as long as nothing has started to overwrite the space that the files previously occupied.

There are some utilities listed in the Play store (search for "undelete") but I've never used any of them so I can't recommend anything specific. I would imagine they are all going to require root access on your phone to get that low-level into the system.

It might be best to ask somewhere like XDA (http://forum.xda-developers.com), as this is more of a file-system question than a Poweramp one. But as I said, if this is on a memory card remove it from your phone immediately (or make it read-only) to maximise your chances of recovery.


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