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Stuff for using a Galaxy Tab like a car stereo

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I sent this as a PM on another board to the author of this app but then I found this forum so I'll post it here too.

I'm setting up a galaxy tab to be used as my car stereo and I'm interested in using Power Amp as the player for it. I have a few questions about this hopefully you can answer.

1. I have a charger connected to the cigarette lighter. It's not powered when the car is off. Is there a way for Power Amp to pause playback when the power goes off and unpause it if the power goes on?

2. Any plans on integrating Pandora into this?

3. Also, any plans on adding voice search?


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1. This may be possible with the apps like Tasker (if they are able to send MEDIA_BUTTON events).

2. No plans for Pandora atm.

3. I'll be looking into this. If voice search is flexible enough, this will be implemented.


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