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Artwork enhancements


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1. Allow for more results


Very often the results shown are not applicable and just loading 8 is not very helpful, please allow for more results to load.



2. Add more art sources


Looks like you guys are just doing Google image searches, why don't you add additional sources like LastFM & MusicBrainz -- or even better use those as defaults since the results would be much better



3. Option to just use Artist and title as search criteria


I have a lot of singles that i pull from compilations (IE Bravo hits vol 83, Kontor House of House Vol 78....etc) which are not ideal for cover art and would much rather just have the artist and title as results



4. Option to search for hi resolution images only

Often the image quality is low, an option to just show higher quality images would be much better



5. Allow for editing of searches

When loading results, the top line shows what is being searched... why not allow the user to change/tweak that search string?

For example allowing the user to add "cover" or "album" to that string would greatly improve results

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