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Info/Tags field updates


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1. Update field order

The Order Should be:







Having Track/Year/Genre as the second field doesn't really make hierarchical sense


It is also frustrating when trying to edit tags since the Album is often a compilation which im trying to delete so I can get proper album artwork and because its so low in the field order I have to scroll in the modal to select the album filed to delete


2. Add clear all icon

Add a (X) to each field to quickly clear the whole field



3. Update keyboard to capitalize each word

The Keyboard should default to capitalize each word. Since everything we're working with are titles -- it make sense to capitalize each new word. Currently only the first word in the field is capitalized -- we are not writing sentences here....



4. Make fonts smaller

While editing the tags, for some reason the font is huge -- its the biggest font anywhere in the app and really hinders editing as you can only see 3 rows with a keyboard at once (im using a Galaxy Note....), please make them smaller.

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