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Viewing Playcount in Library for podcast support?????


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This may be better left till there is better podcast support, however it would be nice to be able to distinguish between an unplayed and a played podcast within a playlist.

Heres a usage example.

I use iTunes to manage and download my podcasts.

I have smart playlists setup to include podcasts with a 0 playcount.

I use iSyncrWifi to sync my playlists to my phone.

I have Poweramp set to scrobble using Simple LastFm

Say for example I have 10 podcasts in a playlist and I start to work my way through them on my phone during the day, unless I remember manually through the day which i have listened to, I have no way of seeing in Poweramp which podcasts are still to be played. The only way is to wait until I am home again and resync to PC with iSyncrWifi and see which ones automatically disappear.

Not sure how it could be implemented, but perhaps an option to slightly change the background color of the item when viewing playlist/library based on playcount =0. I dont know if it is an itunes specific thing to have all podcasts given the Genre of "Podcast" but it could limit it to those to avoid doing it for all songs. Although to be honest I'd be quite happy with just having an option to turn it on or off and have it apply to all songs.

I guess this would need some careful thought so as to not mess things up.

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