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Device: Samsung GT-S6802
OS: Gingerbread 2.3.6
Poweramp: 2.0.9-build-539-arm-uni
I recently upgraded my micro SD card to 32GB (Kingston SDC4, class 4), but face these bugs:
  • Every time I launch Poweramp, it doesn't resume where I left, but somewhere else.
  • If ever it is where I left, It refuses to play saying "No tracks to play" or just doesn't do anything.
  • Album art thumbnails aren't preserved in the folder view, but restored when scanned.

To solve the above, I have to rescan (even full scan) each time I start Poweramp. I stays updated in the current session, but once exited and re-launched, the whole story repeats.


Prior to upgrading, I used SanDisk 16GB SD card with no problems at all.


The card upgrade has absolutely no effect on sound quality. Poweramp is still sounding great, as ever!

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Can't comment on your issues except to say that I have a 32GB card and it has no issues such as you have mentioned. This was first used with Android 2.3.x (HTC Sense as I have a Desire HD) but has since been used with a lot of different ROMs and currently running 4.2.2.



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Generally, there shouldn't be any issues with 32gb cards (standardly formatted), for Poweramp they are the same as e.g. 16gb. Half of our test lab devices got 32gb sd cards, others are various 8/16/64 cards.


Still, if your cards is broken on file system level, following will happen during scan:

- Poweramp ask to read (broken) file xxx.mp3

- Android will do one of the following:

1. happily read the broken file, but it won't appear as music file to Poweramp

2. Android will freeze for random time, creating unavoidable ANR in Poweramp

3. Android will crash Poweramp 


So please insert your sd card into computer cards reader and check it for errors. This is most general issue, but you also can experience problems with some songs in stock player, and stock player issues like not all songs are visible.


Also your symptoms are also a bit similar to those which happens when various permissions on internal Android file system is broken and app can't write its preferences.  You need to "fix permissions" from your custom ROM/bootloader.



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Thanks maxmp and others for reply. As advised, I've scanned the SD card thru comp, no error reported, but also no luck. I wonder why upgrading from 16 to 32GB can cause troubles while there were no such problems when I was using the 16GB card alone! So I'm nearing the conclusion that my device is the culprit in that it can't handle 32GB card honorably.

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Hello! Has been a while since you commented on this post but I just got a similar problem. I bought a 32 gb Samsung EVO class 10. Poweramp freezes while scanning about 27-29 gb music folder. Never ends. Stop playing music. Anyone has the same problem? Android 4.1.2 I used to have a 16 gb Kingston class 4 without any problems. 

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Should be fine, have you selected JUST the folder which contains your music via Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders ?

A couple of other things you could try: backup the contents, then re-format the new card and copy your music back again. Also check that there are no huge folders with massive amounts of files in them.


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Hello! Thank you for the reply :). I will re - format the SD card, it was completely new.... Mmmm about the huge folders.... Jejejejeje the majority of my music is on FLAC format and in some cases all discography jeje. Other thing, it seems Poweramp is reading only 16 gb..... Or less. 

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