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Help: buy the unlocker but fail to use Poweramp

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I have bought the full version unlocker two days before and got a invoice no. Then, I installed the following two system files step by step on a Car audio system (Android system, online on that time with the corresponding gmail account):

1. Poweramp-2.0.9-build-534.apk

2. Poweramp-(alt)-Full-Version-Unlocker-2.0-build-22.apk

My understanding is that the system should have checked the payment record with my gmail account online immediately when I installed the unlocker.


After that, I started use the Poweramp for several times yesterday. For security consideration, the car audio system was offline on that time.

However, when I start Poweramp today, it prompts that the system is unregistered and shows a screeen that I can enter the invoice no. But, when I enter it and want to submit, the system tells me that there is no application to submit.


How can I do?


My email account is: *****@gmail.com





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Actually, I have Internet connection when I install the two programs and the first time I listen to the music using Poweramp. However, when I open Poweramp again, the internet connection is off that made my system to be locked.


Now, even I have connect the system to Internet, it is locked. Although the system automatically generate a screen for me to send the message to technical support, but the device (android car audio system) fails to do it (when I pressed the submit button, it just told me that there is no application to send it). I just want to cantact the technical support but I don't know the contact method (can't find any contact info in the web-site). I just want to know how to solve the problem (to unlock it). Is it possible for me to uninstall it and reinstall it again so as to sovle the problem?


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If your device doesn't have an email app on it (and if it's an in-car audio player, I guess it probably wouldn't) you might be stuck for getting in-app support. Lots of people report that Poweramp needs to 'phone home' to Google to re-authorise itself rather too often after the initial purchase transaction, and I'm guessing you might be in the same boat.


Try emailing the dev at  poweramp.maxmpz (at) gmail.com.



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