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Downloaded album cover saved into song info

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Hello guys, let me start by telling you what an awesome job you have done. This is the first app that i had bought and it was totally worth it.


Nevertheless, i have a little request. Would it be possible if the album covers downloaded through Poweramp were saved into each song information so they will be able to be seen also in my PC (Windows media player)? I think the fact that you can download the covers through the app is amazing, but it is a pity that you can not keep those images if you copy the song from your phone to your PC.


The same goes to the edited tags (autor,album ...), it would be awesome if you guys let us keep those modifications so we can enjoy them wherever we want to. 


My best wishes to you all.

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I would definitely buy Poweramp if it has this feature.

I'm running it in the Dutch language and I got excited because it seemed to be implemented already. It turned out it was a translation error.

On a song with cover art in its tag it says "albumhoezen insluiten" it should say "albumhoezen ingesloten" (include vs included). Maybe correct this first.

I haven't looked nor did I see other errors. If the devs are interested I'd be willing to check it.

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