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Covert art search improvement


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I often notice that the first cover art found is wrong, especially with compilations.


So here are some improvements I'd like to see added to the cover art search :

  • Let me change the search terms : by default, it seems to look for the band's name + the album's name. but sometimes removing the band's name would get better results, or sometimes there are some text in the album name that I'm sure prevent getting accurate results (such as a year, a CD number, annotations...).
    So it would be nice if the search terms were editable.
  • Cover art search is really slow. I don't know what it is doing but even with a really good signal, it's a bit long. Improving perfs would be nice (but not priority #1)
  • On the cover art search screen, there is a button "from the SD card", but it doesn't display anything that allows me to pick a file from the SD card ! On my phone, the options in the popup are : Google Drive, Dropbox, Gallery, Samsung Link... Nothing to browse the SD card physical files !
    Is it an Android popup or do you have any power on what is displayed there ?
  • Please add an option/button that allows me to select a cover art set for another mp3 in the same folder. With compilations, I have some mp3s with the right cover and for some I can't find any match. It would be nice if the app allowed me to browse from the existing cover arts of the mp3s in the same folder (or browse the full cover art gallery but it might be a bit big). Or automatically add them in the search results on the cover art search screen.
  • Add an option that allows me to be able to choose covert arts from more than the limited selection I have now (I think Poweramp let me choose amonst a maximum of 5 covers, I want more).

Note that some of those suggestions are mutually exclusive : if you allow me to change the search terms, some other suggestions might become irrelevant, etc.


Thanks !

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