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MP4 (AAC / M4A) gapless?


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There seems to be a lot of questions about this, but I've not seen an answer yet.


Does anyone know how to get gapless playback to work with MP4s when using Poweramp?


I ripped a few CDs using Nero AAC, which played back fine in Poweramp. However, the playback wasn't gapless. There is a small break of a few milliseconds between songs, which, when listening to an album where one track seamlessly transitions to another, is quite disruptive to listen to (at first I thought that Poweramp was hiccuping on the tracks).


Are there any tags I can add to the files?


The reason I'm interested is that right now I have most of my music in OGG. However, I've notice that the battery takes quite a beating from playing these, compared to MP4 (because the CPU usage is much higher). It's not dreadful of course, but could be better. An example:


2 hours of playing back MP4 audio shows a total CPU usage of 13m in Android.

1.5 hours of playing back OGG audio shows a total CPU usage of 20m (some quick maths suggests this would be almost double that of MP4).


The OGGs are encoded at q6 (~192kps), whereas the MP4 are ripped at 0.5 (~160kps). I'm not sure that the extra 32kps accounts for double the CPU usage, but maybe I'm wrong ;)


Tags? Ripping suggestions..?




Steve ;)


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