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Possible??? "Track01" ---> "Prodigy - Smack my bitch up"

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Hello, hard to believe Poweramp doesnt have this as it does everything and is the best app in the world! maybe i just dont know or havent seen the button for it... i have LOTS of good music thats "track01" etc etc and Poweramp cant find any album art as there is not ID3 tags or song info... So when i have a song like that playing on my phone i click on Track ID and it listens to my song and tells me the artist, album and song name... great! but it doesnt let me change the song on my phone or in Poweramp. if i could take that info of the song that track id listened to and paste it into Poweramp i could get the album art and have a perfectly good searchable file instead of "track01"


please assist me? can it already do this or is it difficult to implement?

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Yes, fill your tags.


You can find computer software that will get the audio fingerprint of the file and match it against an online database. That might be your best bet.


Otherwise, re-rip your CDs.

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