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Some songs have popping/cracking distortion sound

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I have noticed when I pay some mp3 files in Poweramp I hear this poppping/cracking distortion sound in the background. The distortion always occurs at the same exact points in the song. I have tried playing these songs on other audio players and they play fine.This occurred first on my Samsung Galaxy S2 and now on my Galaxy S4. I have tweaked with the audio buffer and thread priority, the DVC, and the equalizer settings and nothing has fixed the problem.

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From Max on this thread: http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/5245-audio-cracks-and-pops/



There is no such issue for just S3 or S4 device. Something in your device/app/ROM/tweaks environment affects it. It can also depend more or less on some formats (some formats like APE are much more demanding, and huge CPU stealing by other processes can cause skips).




This generally includes all possible causes (except may be bugged ROM - yes, stock player and stock player component using apps can work flawlessly, but other audio APIs can be broken - can be checked by playing some game).



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