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Hello Poweramp I was just going to type this quick feature request as it is something that may be important to more people than just me. First I'd like to say that I had just recently bought Poweramp and that I really enjoy it so far. The interface is awesome, and the fact that you can search for album covers is cool too. However one really irritating (as in irritating to the ears) bug is that when ever I play songs with the beats audio eq that comes with my phone and most other HTC products it gets really, really distorted and I have to turn it off and listen to songs without it on, thus restricting me from the full capability of my phone. So I was just going to type this to ask if it was possible for you guys to integrate beats audio capability into the app in Tue next update potentially as it would make me really happy. Thank you.

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Considering the jury is still out as to whether Beats Audio does ANYTHING to (let alone improve) the audio output from the speakers, and that (your own inference) that audio is distorted with it turned on, might I suggest that the problem may be Beats Audio, and that turning it off and just using the equalizer in Poweramp might be a better solution.

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