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time left instead of time passed ??


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I don't think so, no.


To be honest, the user interface in the playback screen doesn't seem to have received a lot of love over the last few years - apart from via skinners, but that's not the way to go for feature changes, that's more for looks/colours/icons/etc.


The audio engine side of things is great, but the options to access and control your music playback are getting left way behind IMHO (as anyone who's tried to navigate a two-hour track, or had radio shows pop up during random song playback, would probably agree)



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i know its not possible and skins doesnt really help as you said.

i was trying to raise someone's attention to those issues.

not only for me, but also for making the app more accessible for visually impaired people.the feature of changing the font size might be critical for lots of people.


anyone listening?????

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