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Check-List for developing *.cue sheet!

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Hello everyone,

I'm waiting for the Poweramp 2.0 which is planned to support cue sheet.

To save developer's time to self-test or think about test scenario, I want to list-up basic check-list for it.

I really hope that this list save his time even a littie bit (-> Is this right sentence? My English sucks :D )

If anybody want to add on the list, please write reply it.

* Basic Functions

- Skip to next or previous track in cue.

- Jump to specific track

- Play any track in track list from cue

- Display track list as an album, check each track's total time

- Time information for progress bar, elapsed time, total time is based on track not album.

- Year(Date) Display -> should be same as REM DATE

- (if needed) Genre -> should be same as REM GENRE

- (if needed) Comment -> should be same as REM COMMENT

- Album Artist -> should be same as the first PERFORMER which is not belong to TRACK.

- Album Title -> should be same as the first TITLE which is not belong to TRACK.

* Exception Handling

- if FILE information doesn't get any same music file, show an error message.

- if any information which should start and end with " is not ended or started with ", show an error message.

- if INDEX is smaller than previous track, show an error message.

(I don't know the difference between INDEX 00 and INDEX 01. Can anybody explain it?)

* Personal expectation

- Most *.cue is for linking a single lossless music file. If it's in an independent folder, it's fine that album art is just taking from any JPEG file or pre-defined name such as albumart.jpg, cover.jpg, and so on. However, some people like me store lossless + cue files in a folder which represent artist or composer, and this kind of folders has many music files. In this case, if album art is not embed, JPEG file is named same as cue and music file. I hope Poweramp 2.0 supports this kind of pre-defined albumart file path or allow customizations for album art path.

I hope this list helps Maxim's work.

Happy new year! :D

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