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Question about shuffle mode and folder access


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Shuffle: Once I select shuffle to play a genre it seems to stay that way forever. When I later just want to listen to a record, the shuffle mode stays on and its annoying to have to remember each time. And I don't. Is what I'm describing true or is there a setting I'm missing?


Folder access: I used to be able to go directly to Folder/Library from the music player itself. That seems to have disappeared and now I have to backtrack to be able to access that option. Is this true and have things changed or again am I  missing something?



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I suggested a long time ago that it would make more sense for the Shuffle and Repeat icons to act as on/off toggles when tapped once, and to use long-press to bring up a popup letting you choose the type of Repeat or the Shuffle mode that will be used.


I think most people tend to have a standard method which they use most of the time, and the ability to simply turn that on or off with a single tap would be better.


But whichever way it works, the settings should be sticky between sessions.



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