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Library Querying like foobar2k?

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Hi, loving Poweramp for the most part (minus the ogg coverart issue but thats a work in progress i guess) but there is one feature that would really be nice, more powerful querying. I use things like auto playlist in foobar2k all the time and being able to say specify all songs before 1970 with mood fields containing chilled, or say all songs with Heavy in the location path with Rap in the genre after 1995 etc would be awesome. At the moment I temporarily add my phone music collection to foobar2000, write the query, save it as a regular playlist to the phone and get it that way but when i add a new song (which i do at least a few times per mo) I have to either edit the playlist manually or redo it through foobar2000 which is kinda a PITA.


The consideration would be appreciated!






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