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Any Limit on Folder Size?

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I'm planning to place a large number of folders (perhaps 50, containing about 700 songs, with a total size of about 1GB) in the "Music" folder of my Nexus 7 (JellyBean 4.3.3).  From the standpoint of Poweramp scanning and playback, is there a limit to number of folders or size that the "Music" folder can hold? 



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Poweramp reads your device library so if your device able to keep it, then Poweramp will find it after rescan and play it.

I raised this question in a separate thread and received no replies. I am reiterating the same question to seek answers to my usage options. 

I use a USB OTG  drive with  my entire music loaded into folders, sub folders exceeding 5 GB in size. Power amp is able to scan and list all the folders and files.  


I hope to expand my entire music library collection which will exceed 10 GB. Will power amp be able to hold on and support the larger file size? 

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NAS stands for "Network Attached Storage", i.e. a file server box which sits on your home network and contains one or more large hard drives (often using a 'RAID' array for better data safety in case one of the drives crashes). Think of it something like a huge USB stick which you can access over a network rather than having it plugged directly into any particular computer or device.

I have a 3TB NAS at home, and it stores all my photos, videos/films, music and pretty much everything else digital (including being a test server for my website into the bargain). I can then access that data from any of my home PCs, any of our phones or tablets around the home, my media player attached to the TV, and even remotely via the internet if I want to.

A 'CIFS' share, as mentioned above, is a way to create a pseudo folder on your Android device which allows any app to access massive amounts of data held remotely on a network source (in this case on a NAS drive connected via a home Wi-Fi network).


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