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Podcast support - ThumbSize/ProgressBar Ratio

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Nice App. Paid my money and made my choice.


I'm an engineer so my order of preferences are function then form.


Specifically, album art is nice but I don't spend too much time staring at my Android phone when listening to stuff.


I do listen to podcasts a lot.  An one thing that I want to do is move around in the track when listening.


The ability to do this is defined by size of my thumb/finger versus pixels/minute scaling of the progress bar.


Could we please have a skin where you dump the album art and have a looooooong (winding?) progress bar please ?


I don't really use the fast forward/reverse buttons as you have to sit there for ages holding the button down.

The current ones do about 10 elapsed secs/sec fast forward which is way too slow for a 90min show.


I suppose as a quick fix you could add "long press" to the Prev.list & Next.list buttons to do super fast forward/reverse

 at 1 elapsed minute/sec.


But I'd really just like a longer progress bar.








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