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Have a silly little question. How do I rate songs?

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Love the app thus far and have my music imported, but obviously the ratings didn't come with it. I've tried every single thing I can think of, but can't find a way to actually rate songs. I've held my thumb on the song title, searched in the settings, nothing. I'll probably be annoyed when I finally figure it out, but once that's settled I'll finally buy the thing.


Using Galaxy S4 if that helps. Much thanks.

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I wouldn't invest too much energy or time in rating all of your songs one-by-one. the way the ratings are currently handled by Poweramp, has meaning only to Poweramp and do not translate back to your pc library, or from your library back to your mobile for that matter. seems simple enough, but users here have been requesting this functionality for around 2 yrs now.

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