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Composing a list of music to play...


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I've been using Poweramp for a few days (on an android tablet) and am puzzled about how people use it (I'm basically very happy, but still feel I'm missing something obvious):


The main function I want is to compose and play a list of music/songs. How does everyone else do this?


1) It seems I can go and clear the queue, then search thorough my albums/somgs and put them in the queue and then go and play the queue. This is possible, but seems a little trickier than it should be (even if I set it to "add to queue" with one button push).


2) I can just select an album to play and it will play. But it seems to then be impossible to add something else to play after this album. In other words the "current playlist" is separate from the "queue" and I don't see how to edit the "current playlist" directly...


3) I can write a playlist specially and play that (i.e. there are 3 separate types of lists: playlists, the current playlist, and the queue), but that is not very simple either...


Am I missing something here? Is there an easier way?


[i guess I am comparing it to what I am used to on a squeezebox, where one can "add to current playlist", and "play song next"---are there analogues of these functions on Poweramp?]

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