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itunes song metadata (last play timestamp, rating, etc)


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First let me say that I have bought this wonderful application, it does just all I need, beautiful, equalizer, perfect random mechanism.

However, now that I see how good you are, I was wondering if the following is possible. I have searched through the list of features request and did not find it :

Is there a technicall possibiliy (and will, and no legal issues lol) to add support for the "iTunes metadata" (aka song attributes) such as :

- count on number of time the file was played (read/write)

- last play timestamp (read/write)

- volume normalising (read)

- 0-5 stars ratings (read/write)

- etc

I would love this to work so that I could sync back to itunes and make sure my dynamic list on itunes are updated (as per example I have a dynamic playlist that plays only song that were never played before or not played in the last month, etc...)

P.S : now that I typed my request, I start to realise that even if you do add this, I am not sure how to sync back to itunes.... ;o) (I can sync from itunes into my phone, but via a 3rd teer application (HTCsync) which is not snycing both ways... so well... I leave my request as it might interest other people).

P.S2: People please don't tell to go and buy an Ipod... ;o)

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Isyncr generally works well with PowerAMP, but some users reported some Isyncr versions messed up track# tags (and probably other, but track# is the most noticeable as song order is broken). Also, rating system is planned for PowerAMP v2.0.

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I have been using Isyncr for ages, had heard good things about Poweramp, took the free trial, amazed at the difference it made to sound from HTC Desire, so bought full app.

However, used my Isyncr app and have discovered that playcounts do not update. Is there anyway this can be fixed by me? Why does stock music app work with Isyncr and not Poweramp?

I think the developers of both apps have an oppourtuinity here for an I-Phone Killer App!!! A macth made in Adroid heaven.........well it would be if the 2 could be matched!!

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