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[solved] Unlocker purchase issue: prompting me to buy again?


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I purchased the unlocked off Google Play in 2012. I have install this on my other devices successfully until today I noticed a message in the player saying:


Failed to verify license.


Then I uninstalled and went to the Google Play to reinstall it.


But it is prompting me to buy the unlocker again.


Can this be looked into?


When I purchased it, it was $4.99 now it's $3.99. Could it be because it is a "different" listing/app?


I do not wish to pay again for something I bought and is per google account (I did not change account)



From the FAQ:

If you're sure you're using the same google account which was used to purchase Poweramp, please:
- uninstall Poweramp Full Version Unlocker
- ensure you have internet connection on the phone up and stable
- install Poweramp Full Version Unlocker from Google Play Store (or website version of Unlocker for website purchases) again. Reinstalls are free.


In my case, reinstall is not free, it is written "buy" instead of "purchased" so it's prompting me to buy it again.


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Even though the install button on google play is "$3.99" instead of "Purchased", when I click on it, I get an error.


"Error while retrieving information server. [bM-PPH-01]"


Nevertheless, that means if I were to install on another device or even if I did a factory reset on my phone for no apparent reason, I would not be able to install full version of Poweramp which I paid for.

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