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Can Poweramp work with Endomondo Pro?

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Hi! I am new to Poweramp and is now valuate whether i should go for the paid version.


One problem I have encountered now is that I cannot launch Poweramp when using the internal interface of Endomondo Pro (which is my 1st choice of sports tracking app and I have already developed my sports database that i would not easily give up).


I have already contacted Endomondo Pro's customer service.  They said their music player integration requires the Android MediaPlayer API


Actually, I don't know what is "Android MediaPlayer API".  However, does Poweramp have such kind of support?  It would be my important consideration before paying for Poweramp.


Thanks in advance for any idea / support on this issue!!








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The post linked above only references live streaming.  I don't think the OP was asking about that.  I would also love to be able to use Poweramp with Endomondo.  Unfortunately, Endomondo only seems to work with the stock android player, Google Play Music, or musixmatch.  

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This isn't a question about Poweramp that needs to change endomondo, it is that Poweramp needs to support the Android MediaPlayer API. Yes, you can launch 2 applications, but then endomondo won't get the playlist used during the workout.

More information here: https://getsatisfaction.com/endomondo/topics/i5whbkoukw058?utm_medium=widget&utm_source=widget_endomondo


After the workout you can see your playlist on the workout map in the history and the playlist will be uploaded to your profile at Endomondo.com. The songs need to be valid music files containing music tags like artist, song name etc. in order to detect and store the playlist. (Please note that the music player integration is done using the Android MediaPlayer API, only music players using this API will work.

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