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Separate EQ for L/R channels


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I've been checking out Poweramp for a little while and find that it works very nicely. The equalizer in particular is a benefit for me as I am somewhat hearing impaired and can boost the higher frequencies to help compensate. However, the hearing loss is not the same in both ears. I use behind the ear type hearing aids, so lightweight, on the ear headphones don't really put much sound through them. It occurs to me that separate L/R EQ (and volume) would permit adjusting music to each ear as needed. This should be in addition to the overall equalizer.

I posted a query on the AC site asking if anyone knew of such a music player out there, but got exactly zero responses. If there aren't any music apps like this out there, it might be worthwhile to consider developing one. Consider that there are probably several million people like me out there who would love to be able to optimize how they hear music. Even people with 'normal' hearing may not hear the same in both ears and might benefit from this.

Thanks. Curlyjim

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