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Poweramp as spin-off Sound Improver add-on app


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I really like Poweramp, however, lately I decided to give GoogleMusic a try as I really want Cloud support, and I must say I like the new UI, however I really miss Poweramp's sound engine:


The equaliser, the tone adjustment, the fine grained volume control ( I REALLY miss that one specially).


I found that GMusic works with 3rd party EQ apps (they even appear in the settings menu when installed) but after trying several they're all poor compared to Poweramp, and again I haven't found a solution for the volume control.


Since Poweramp's Google Music and Cloud support in general is taking so long, why not offer a different product, I would pay again for a different app, a spin-off of Poweramp providing its AWESOME sound engine for other players.


The equaliser alone worth money, and so does the volume control (currently no alternative), you can even sell each separately.  


Would it be possible to make this new app(s)?

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