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Features for the new version

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For the next version of Poweramp, would be great, if the player will have got this features:

  • THEME like ICS/JB style
  • WIDGET for JB lockscreen
  • SHARE/LIKE on FB, Twitter, G+ (Sharing a post with link to a song on Gracenote for ex.)
  • INFO/TAGS auto-downloading (from Gracenote for ex.)
  • PLAYING from home sites... from others devices (NAS, PC, Mobiles, PS3 on home wi-fi)
  • NFC sharing (files/playlists) and playing via wireless speakers

and few customizations like...

  • Vizualizations - Live Equalizer or any other live backgrounds under the AlbumArt.

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Option to Export Settings and Equalizer Presets.


Exactly. Many of us require the ability to do backups when we factory default or flash ROMs.


There should be something akin to the ability to export settings to an XML/.conf or something along those lines. Seems like this is a no-brainer...

Please quickly create this functionality.

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