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Is there a way to get app to remember playback position of long mp3s?


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Recently switched from an iphone to Android.  I often listen to long radio shows (sometimes 3-4 hours) that I have downloaded in mp3 format.  On my iphone i was able to check off an option in itunes for the music player to "remember playback position" for these files. 


This would allow me to pause the show in the middle, listen to something else (songs, other shows, etc), and then come back to the show and automatically resume listening at the point where I paused.


I don't see any way to do that in Poweramp, or in any other Android player for that matter...though I may be missing something.  As a workaround I am changing the format to these mp3 files to an audiobook and using an audiobook player on my Android.  Not the most elegant solution.


Any ideas?

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