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Playlists Exported FROM Poweramp are Qempty in iTunes


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Background Info:

  • I have a Galaxy S3 and the most update to date version of Jelly Bean, as well as the most recent version of Poweramp.
  • I have thousands of songs and dozens of playlists, all saved to my extra 64gb microSD card.
  • Poweramp has successfully loaded many playlists from iTunes through iSyncr
  • I have a 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 Macbook pro with 8 GB of memory running 10.7.5
  • My iTunes version is 11.0.4

My Goal:

I want to export a playlist I created (from scratch) in Poweramp.

I then want to load that playlist file into iTunes (which has an identical song library as Poweramp thanks to iSyncr).

And after all that work I want to simply burn the playlist onto a CD because after all the tech we carry around in our pockets we all drive cars with out-of-date stereo systems.


The Problem:

The playlist I am exporting from Poweramp will successfully load onto my computer and open in iTunes, unfortunately once open it is void of songs (empty).


My Thoughts:

I have opened the playlist's ".m3u8" file in text edit and compared it to the playlist files exported by iTunes and notice that the Poweramp-exported playlists don't include any extra information other than the file location (on my phone's external microSD card).

.m3u playlists are supposed to include song durations (in seconds), song title and artist, as well as the pathway to find the file.


My Question:

Is the reason the playlists are empty because of the lack of extra information in the .m3u (or .m3u8) file?

Is there a significant difference between the .m3u and .m3u8 files that I am unaware of?


Why doesn't Poweramp include this information?


Is there a way to create a correctly formatted playlist file?

Does software exist to beef up the bare-bones playlist file exported from Poweramp?


If all else fails, any thoughts on getting this playlist from my phone to a CD?


Extra Information:
Figured since a playlsit file is compact and simple I'd share it with you. Feel free to rip off this playlist and enjoy some of my favorite music...if you can make it work
/storage/extSdCard/Other Music/Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (Japan) (-V0n)/08 Get Lucky.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/Other Music/Bempology May 2013/08 Vagabond.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/syncr/Kidnap Kid/Bempology April 2013/29 Vehl.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Kanye West/Late Orchestration/13 Gold Digger (AOL Sessions).mp3
/storage/extSdCard/syncr/Vance Joy/Bempology April 2013/06 Riptide.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Atmosphere/To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy/04 The Best Day.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/syncr/Tove Lo/Bempology April 2013/19 Habits.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Kanye West/College Dropout/15 School Spirit.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/syncr/Alt-J/An Awesome Wave/04 Breezeblocks.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Atmosphere/Seven's Travels/02 Trying To Find A Balance.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/syncr/Various Artists/Bempology March 2013/03 The Love Club.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Passion Pit/Manners/02 Little Secrets.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Kanye West/My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy/05 All of the Lights.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/syncr/AlunaGeorge/Bempology March 2013/10 Attracting Flies.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/syncr/Hermitude/Bempology March 2013/17 Hyper Paradise (Flume Remix).mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Kanye West/My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy/03 Power (Ft. Dwele).mp3
/storage/extSdCard/syncr/Macklemore & Ryan Lewis/The Heist (Deluxe Edition)/06 Make the Money.m4a
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Kanye West/College Dropout/07 Jesus Walks.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Atmosphere/When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold/08 Your Glasshouse.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Kid CuDi/Man On The Moon_ The End Of Day/13 Pusuit of Happiness.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Atmosphere/The Family Sign/03 Became.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Kanye West/College Dropout/11 The New Workout Plan.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/DJ Bempologist/Bempology April 2012/25 Float.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Kanye West/My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy/01 Dark Fantasy.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Bros Mix 2009/Bros Mix '09 - Party/11-03 Party and Bullshit (In the USA) (Notorious B.I.G. vs. Miley Cyrus).mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Atmosphere/The Family Sign/05 She's Enough.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Bros Mix 2009/Bros Mix '09 - Party/11-07 Heartbreaker (feat. John Legend).mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Collie Buddz/Come Around/07 Ring The Alarm Remix (feat Beyonce).mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/DJ Bempologist/Bempology January 2012/27 Sleepless feat. Antony For Cleopatra.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/The Chicharones/When Pigs Fly/04 Little By Little.m4a
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Enur Feat Natasja/Unknown Album/Calabria 2007.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/DJ Bempologist/Bempology March 2012/27 Brother.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/DJ Bempologist/Bempology April 2012/13 Yours Truly.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/DJ Bempologist/Unknown Album/5-06 Lisztomania.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/CunninLynguists/Strange Journey, Vol. One/07 Hypnotized (feat. PackFM & Club Dub).m4a
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/DJ Bempologist/Unknown Album/10-02 Body Down.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/DJ Bempologist/Bempology January 2012/20 Lay It Down.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Lupe Fiasco/The Cool/05 Superstar.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Passion Pit/Manners/09 Sleepyhead.mp3
/storage/extSdCard/syncr/Macklemore & Ryan Lewis/The Heist (Deluxe Edition)/02 Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton).m4a
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Dr. Dre/Look Out For Detox/18 Numb Encore (feat. Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent & Linkin Park).mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Bempologist/Bempology September 2012/25 Harder Than You Think (Featurecast Remix).mp3
/storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/Super Mash Bros_/All About The Scrilions/12 Livin The Dream (I'm On A Float).mp3
Thanks to anyone who's got the solution.
...and you're welcome to anyone who is helped by this thread after the solution has been posted, unless I'm an idiot and no one else has this problem.

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One initial problem is pretty obvious. Your playlist refers to lots of files stored in the folder /storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/ , which will only exist on your Android device. You need to edit the directory structure in the playlist to match whatever is on your computer (e.g. on a PC that might be C:\Users\accountname\Music\iTunesMusic\ or somesuch).



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One initial problem is pretty obvious. Your playlist refers to lots of files stored in the folder /storage/extSdCard/iTunes Music/ , which will only exist on your Android device. You need to edit the directory structure in the playlist to match whatever is on your computer (e.g. on a PC that might be C:\Users\accountname\Music\iTunesMusic\ or somesuch).



Is there no tool that exports a proper M3U playlist from Poweramp? To my understanding M3U playlists include other information like song length to help identify a song without its file path so that programs like iTunes can duplicate playlists from computers with differently formatted music collections.


I have done this sort of playlist transfer before and have never had problems because the playlists were true M3U files. However Poweramp produces an M3U8 file and it has no reference to anything but the file path.


I have about 27 playlists I am trying to share and sadly my phones music collection is not as well organized as it should be so songs are located all over the place. This means there isn't one easy solve-all text replacement I can do. I would have to edit each song individually and thats too much for me. As you see, I have had this issue for six months and have still not found a solution.

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Yeah it would be nice, but there is no requirement for valid M3U files to contain anything except the filename and optionally a relative or absolute path.

M3U8 is exactly the same format as M3U, but it allows for a wider character set encoding within the music filenames (M3U limits to basic ASCII characters only).

I'm afraid I can't advise you about iTunes, as I refuse to let it anywhere near any of my computers or other devices.

Hopefully this is somewhere on the lengthy (and getting longer) feature requests list, but as nothing major new seems to have been implemented for about two years, I'm afraid you might have a bit of a wait.


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