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This app is driving me nuts


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Let me preface this by saying I do love this app. If I didn't, I would just eat the $5 and move on to something else. The fact that I love it is why i'm here trying to get help because I want to keep using the app.

Having said that, this thing is driving me crazy. Three times already this app has stopped showing all of my songs in the All Songs section of the library list. The only way i've been able to get them back is to uninstall the app and reinstall it. The odd thing is when it does it, if I go to the player and press the box with the song title and time remaining, it will bring up all of my songs. Please tell me someone has an idea as to why my songs go missing from time to time?

Secondly, I don't want album art to show in the player. Don't ask me why, i'm just goofy that way. Despite telling it not to display album art, turning off album art downloading and deleting the album art cache, it still does. But here's the goofy part, it displays the same album art cover for every song. I.E., the album art for one song is the same album art it shows for all my songs. I would just like it to show the PowerMax background for every song. Is that possible?

Thanks so much for any help on either issue.

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Thanks for the feedback.

1. All songs list is a library list. It generally always should be there, but it can be empty if, for example, sd card is unmounted. PowerAMP can work even without mounted sd card, but of course, this list will be empty at that time.

2. If you disable everything regarding album art, PowerAMP will still show covers embed into the songs. And yes, it's possible to disable this as well - I will add option for this.

Thanks and happy holidays!

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