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Ability to remove player from notification area

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Been a long time fan and faithful user of PA! First post here to your forums because I'm finding frustration with a feature (setting). I'm trying to remove the player from the notification bar\area. Here's why....


I have a setting on my ROM (Xylon) that allows the notification bar to be hidden unless a notification comes in. This is perfect for my minimalist and highly custom home screen design. However, when using PA (which is all the time), the notification bar is visible because the PA icon is there. If I swipe down my notification, the player is there and I can control it as needed. I would like to see that feature be an option in the notification bar\area. I see in settings\look and feel\status bar/notification "Notification Priority" where I can define the notification position. However, if I set this to minimum (the lowest setting), it removes the icon from the notification bar but the player still remains in the notification area which keeps my notification bar visible. So the option would need to be such that you can choose if you want the player in the notification area or not.


Love the player.....it's the only one I'll ever use :)





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