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GUI and widget suggestions

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I have a few ideas for possible improvements to Poweramp that might make for a more enjoyable experience for users like myself.

1. Swipe widget support - I rely on the swipe gesture to change tracks in the car so being able to use that with the widget would be great. I'm not much of a widget user but my recent deck upgrade makes it more viable. I love how customizable the widget pack is but the gesture support would really bring it to another level.

2. Rearrange the landscape button placement - Having the back and forward buttons stacked on the right side makes it very difficult to utilize their functions, especially while driving. It's such a small area and I almost always miss my intended target. If there was an option to rearrange how the meta data and art are arranged, the landscape interface would be more user friendly.

I'd love the option of moving the art over to the left and putting the meta data to its right, much like the older version of Google Play Music (I'm not sure how the new version works; it crashes on my phone before I ever get a chance to try it).

3. More customization options for the interface - The widget is highly tweakable and I'd like to see more of those options show up in the full app. Even just being able to adjust the opacity of the track info/progress bar and the text style of that info would be a huge improvement.

I haven't looked into skinning and what's possible with that so maybe these issues aren't even rooted in Poweramp but rather the themes. If custom skins can alter the layout, I'll look further into that option.

I'm sure some of these have been requested before but I don't recall seeing them when I looked through recent posts. At any rate, I'd love to see some of these implemented in future releases.

Also, voice commands would be excellent but that has been requested quite a bit. ;-)

All the best,


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