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525->528 upgrade - widget size

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On upgrading from google play, my large widget which I successfully used as a 6x3 widget (using apex launcher to resize) no longer displays properly. It comes out as a 6x1 widget but still takes up 6x3 spaces on the home screen.


To get it to display at the size I want, I have to increase the width of the widget to 6x5 (the actual graphics take up 6x3 at this size). 


Basically, the problem is that there now appears to be a 1 space border around the visible widget in the 528 version which wasn't there in the 525 version, which means the actual widget takes up much more room than the visible area of the widget.


I hope you can help as the widget is useless to me like this! :(

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I still have this problem with the large widget, but I have discovered that the smallest widget does not have this problem, so I have at last upgraded to the latest version and am very happy with my enlarged tiny widget!

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