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Less crossfade time, and no fade in


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I'll give you an example of what a have with winamp on mi windows pc:


- Gappless tracks

- Fadeout time on previous track 500ms

- Fade in time on next track 0ms (disable)

- Crossfade time: 500ms


I could had root the phone to get it cracked for free,

But it so fits what i could never do with an iphone, and what i always wanted in a music app,

that i had to buy it.


Thank you.








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I also remember a wonderful option on an older phone that I used to use way back.

You could define a specific dB level for mixes, so that the next track would start playing once the current track's volume level got down to a particular value at the end. This made for nice smooth transitions on tracks which fade out, but it didn't incorrectly crossfade through a sudden-stop track (one that ends on a final drumbeat for example). Same logic could be applied for the start of the next track: if it comes in at full-level, don't fade in. However if it starts gradually, then use the same sort of logic to determine the overlap point.


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I completely agree with the previous posts.  Crossfade should include feature as stated by fernsx and andrewilley. As and old broadcaster I hate "dead air" between songs.  One of the reasons I choose Poweramp was the Crossfade and Gapless features - but both could use an upgrade.

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