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How do you import an external playlist?


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Okay, I've tried for literally hours and hours.  Apparently, I'm dense (or just stupid!)


I've created a workout playlist within Windows Media Player.  Now I want to get that playlist onto my Galaxy Note so that I can import it into Poweramp.  It appears to me that syncing in Windows Media Player also creates duplicate copies of all the .mp3 files on my phone - NOT desired!


WMP appears to create the playlist in a .wpl format.  When I do sync with the phone, WMP creates a .pla playlist, which Poweramp does recognize, but as I said, WMP also drags duplicate copies of all the songs over.


My question is:  How can I create a playlist on my PC and get it onto my phone so that I can import it into Poweramp?  Can it be this hard?  (Or AM I really that dense?!)


(I have spent time looking for this question in the forum, but I came up empty.  If it's a duplicate, can someone point me to the right post?)


Thanks in advance for any help!

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I use m3u format playlists, but I tend to create them manually by pasting into a text editor rather than getting a music player to do it for me.

Whatever you use though, remember that many programs create absolute path lists, which will break when you copy them to your phone (as the phone does not have a C:\User\etc\etc style directory structure; you'll need to use relative paths)


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